EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer

EP-C7250 adopts laser sintering technology, and uses resin sand and disappearable fired mold as moulding materials. Combined with casting technology, EP-C5050 has large forming space and can rapidly cast the parts with complex structure, like engine cylinder block, cylinder head, turbine and impeller, etc.

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Large Forming Space

EP-C7250 rapid prototyping system can make the part with the size of 700mm*700mm*500mm, therefore, regular size parts can be made and subsequent aligning is no needed.

EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer
EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer
Reliable performance

EP-C7250 optimizes the round roll powder laying system with high stability, the yield is greatly improved.

Multiple functions

EP-C7250 can not only 3D print various kinds of plastic samples, but make wax mould and sand mould for casting. Perfectly combined with traditional foundry industry, EP-C3650 realizes the coremaking without using mould and greatly reduces the R&D and trial-producing time for casting parts in different industries.

EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer
EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer
Powerful Material development ability

EP-C7250’s sintering parameter has been hyalinized to realize users’ R&D requirements for new materials. Users can change for more kinds of powder and adjust the properties like strength, details and appearance, etc.

Model: EP-C7250
Material : PS, resin sand, TPU, etc.
Build Volume : 700 x 700 x 500 mm
Layer Thickness : 0.15 mm (0.04-0.3 mm to choose)
Build Accuracy :± 0.15 mm (part size≤100 mm), ± 0.15% (part size ≥100 mm)
Material Feed Mode : Automatic loading, Bi-directional powder feeding
Laser Power : CO2 laser, 55 w
Scanning System : Dynamic scanning focus
Scanning Speed: 8 m/s ( max )
OS System Support : Windows 7
Power Supply : 380 v, 50 Hz, 3-phase
Output Data Format : STL or other convert ible file
Dimension : 2000 x 1500 x 2650 mm ( L x W x H )
Machine Weight: 1700 kg
Work Temperature : 15-30 ℃

EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer

Casting is one of the areas which first identified the advantages of 3D Printing. Infact, one major application of Stereo Lithography (SLA) is in Vacuum casting. This doesn’t mean Investment casting doesn’t find a place.

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EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer

The main driver in 3D printing for vehicles is not printing the entire vehicle, but a move to 3D printing tooling and end-use parts. According to SmarTech, prototyping has only penetrated automotive prototyping by 15% to 20%. Ford, for example, has been 3D printing prototypes for over 20 years to decrease design time.

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General Engineering
EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer

When engineering challenging designs, 3D printing let’s you try new prototypes, address problems and find solutions as you go, all in a matter of hours. It also allows you to work with complex internal structures and geometries, something traditional methods just can’t offer.

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EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer
EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer
EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer

EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer
EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer
EP-C7250 Wax / Sand Mold 3D Printer

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