EP-M250 3D Printer

Selective Laser melting (SLM)

EP-M250 3D Printer

EP-M250 is the latest release of the metal powder material 3D printer, which can prototype an arbitrary complex structure and close to 100% density metal parts without the tools and tooling.

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Selective Laser Melting technology (SLM)

Using the low power laser can directly melt elemental or alloy metal powder material, and can prototype an arbitrary complex structure and close to 100% density metal parts without cutter or tooling.

EP-M250 3D Printer
EP-M250 3D Printer
Material utilization rate is high, making cost lower

The build part forms layer after layer out of powder, and the material utilization rate is over 90%, which is especially suitable for the manufacturing of metal parts, such as titanium alloy, nickel alloy and other precious and difficult-processed metal material.

Wide Application

EP-M250 has wide application in aerospace, biomedical, automotive, and home appliance etc.

EP-M250 3D Printer

Model : EP-M250
Material : Stainless steel, maraging steel, high temperature nickel base alloy, titanium alloy, Cobalt chromium alloy, aluminum alloy, high strength steel, copper alloy, tungsten alloy.
Build Volume : 250 x 250 x 300 mm
Laser Power : 200 w/500 w
Scanning System : 8 m/s
Control Software : Eplus 3D printing software
Scanning Speed: 5 m/s ( max )
OS System Support : Windows 7
Air Supply : Ar / N2
Power Supply : 380 v, 50 Hz, 3-phase
Output Data Format : STL or other convert ible file
Dimension : 2500 x 1000 x 2100 mm( L x W x H )
Machine Weight : 1350 kg
Work Temperature : 15-30 ℃

EP-M250 3D Printer

The main driver in 3D printing for vehicles is not printing the entire vehicle, but a move to 3D printing tooling and end-use parts. According to SmarTech, prototyping has only penetrated automotive prototyping by 15% to 20%. Ford, for example, has been 3D printing prototypes for over 20 years to decrease design time.

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EP-M250 3D Printer

The aerospace industry is one of the main markets for 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing. This sector has a long history of early adopters, manufacturers find their needs being fulfilled. Environmental performance restrictions, competitive market conditions and high manufacturing cost are just some of the challenges that aerospace faces today.

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Batch Manufacturing In Aerospace
EP-M250 3D Printer

Hot Process - No residual stress,No heat treatment. Excellent Material Properties - Controlled microstructure, Better than cast, Compliant with applicable standards. Cost-Efficient Production - High productivity, Material recycling, Competitive powder cost.

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General Engineering
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EP-M250 3D printer Gallery
EP-M250 3D Printer
EP-M250 3D Printer
EP-M250 3D Printer

EP-M250 3D Printer
EP-M250 3D Printer
EP-M250 3D Printer

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