Intamsys FUNMAT HT 3D Printer

Fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D Printer

FUNMAT HT is a cost efficient Industrial 3D printer for high end engineering plastics like Ultem, PEEK, PC and CF. The printer is an all metal completely enclosed system with complete insulated heated chamber (upto 90°C) to enable use of engineering grade plastics like PEEK & Ultem. It is equipped with filament detection and auto start option to allow continuous printing process.

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Constant-Temperature Chamber

Chamber temperature over 90°C

High Temperature All Metal Nozzle

All metal hot-end that can go up to temperature of 450°C

Functional Material Capability

Able to print PEEK, ULTEM (PEI), PC and many more

Printing Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Build Volume: 260mm*260mm*260mm
Product Dimensions: 540mmx500mmx650mm
Net Weight: 43kg
Volumetric Weight: 67kg
Build Platform: Aluminum Plate + Borosilicate Glass
Layer Thickness: 0.05mm-0.3mm
Nozzles: Single
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Print Speed: 30-300mm/s
Travel Speed: 150mm/s
Supported File Types: STL, OBJ
Supported Filaments: Peek, ULTEM, PLA, ABS, Nylon(PA), Carbon Fiber, TPU, PC
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Chamber Temperature: 70°C
Extruder Temperature: 400°C
Build Plate Temperature: 100°C ~150°C/212°F~302°F
Operating Ambient Temperature: 10°C to 35°C(50°F to 95°F)
Nonoperating Temperature: 0°C to 32°C (32°F to 90°F)
Position Accuracy: X/Y12.5μm Z:1.25μm
Build Plate Leveling: Manual
Feeder Type: Geared Feeder
File Transfer: SD card, USB
Input: 100~120V,18A/200~240V,10.5A, 50~60Hz,1200W
Output: DC 24V, 25A
Operating Sound: 55-59db
Supported OS: Windows/Linux/Mac OS
System: Open filament system
Software: I-Suit
Warranty: 12 Month (excl. Extruder )

Research & Development

Research & Development is a very crucial part of many industries as well as markets, it has its own benefits. Manufacturers and firms need to ensure that their products constantly evolve and meet the ongoing trends, changing market demands, challenging competition, varying consumer requirements and at the same time be cost efficient.

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General Engineering

When engineering challenging designs, 3D printing let’s you try new prototypes, address problems and find solutions as you go, all in a matter of hours. It also allows you to work with complex internal structures and geometries, something traditional methods just can’t offer.

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Digital dentistry refers to diagnosis, design, treatment and information tracing by computer technology and aided equipment, among which CAD/CAM technology, the computer aided design and computer aided machining, is a kind of digital dentistry technology that are widely applied to dental restoration.

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By using 3D digital and 3D printing technology, the transformation from traditional production model to digital and rapid jewelry production solution in jewelry industry could be realized.

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From making prototypes to making complete games, today miraculous things are being done with 3D Printing. Gaming and 3D printing come together in a variety of ways, from the creation of board game and tabletop RPG pieces to a myriad of video game-focused projects, including a video game-inspired prosthetic arm as well as a prosthetic hand with its own onboard video game.

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