Batch Manufacturing in Medical

Core Benefits with EBM® - Electron Beam Melting
Freedom in Design – Design for function, Integrated trabecular structures for improved osseointegration, Enables mass customization
Excellent Material Properties - Controlled microstructure, Better than cast, Compliant with applicable industry standards, Cost-Efficient Production, High productivity and Material recycling
Additive Manufacturing (AM) Benefits
Unlock design potential
Reduce time-to-market
Reduce material costs
Reduce machining costs
And, for implant manufacturing
Implant Categories
Acetabular cups
Revision cups
Femoral stems
Tibial trays
Femoral knees
Production Benefits
Single-step production of solid and porous sections, with structural continuity between them
All-porous implants possible (augments, wedges)
High process temperature gives low residual stress, and no need for heat treatment after the build
No secondary high temperature process to apply the porous structure that could cause grain growth
Cost Savings with EBM®
The additional cost for applying a porous coating on an acetabular cup is typically 30 to 60 € per cup
With EBM® you produce the cups with an integrated porous structure, which eliminates this cost
When producing acetabular cups from bar, 60-70% of the stock material is typically machined away
With EBM® you only use the material needed to produce the cups. The remaining powder is recycled and reused
CE-certified & FDA-cleared
CE-certified acetabular cups with integrated Trabecular Structures™ since 2007
Implants with FDA clearance since 2010
40,000 cups implanted
Archam Q10 Plus 3d Printer

Arcam Q10plus 3D Printer

Technology : Electron Beam Melting (EBM)
Brand : Arcam
The Arcam EBM Q10plus is the new generation EBM machine designed specifically for cost efficient production of orthopedic implants.

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